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Online Prep Course:
American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer Exam Prep

Course Objectives

 Key topic areas covered include:

  • Describe the scope of practice of a Personal Trainer
  • Explain the underlying biomechanical and kinesiological principles of musculoskeletal movement.
  • Introduce the field of biomechanics as an important tool for Personal Trainers to assess, teach, and correct exercise technique.
  • Know the essential elements of energy balance as it relates to weight control, body composition, and performance
  • Understand and apply health behavior change models to support and facilitate exercise adherence and apply appropriate strategies to build clients’ self-efficacy, motivation, and self-worth related to exercise
  • Learn the attributes of relationship marketing and how it pertains to the initial and ongoing appointments with the client
  • Describe the components of a comprehensive exercise program
  • Design, evaluate, and implement resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training programs

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