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Online College Certificate Program:
Family Nutrition

The Online Professional College Certificate in Family Nutrition has been designed to meet the growing demand for Registered Dietitians, DTRs, allied health/medical and fitness professionals, parents, and the general public who want to learn to develop healthy food strategies, family support education,  and advanced  nutritional planning for moms, children, and the entire family.

This Web-based Certificate program provides an in-depth examination of developing nutritionally fit, fun, and energized families through foods and proper nutrition!  In addition, learn “Healthy Habit Strategies” to cope with family dynamics and the different environments each member of the family lives in.


For more information about the online certificate, including:


  • How our partnerships with organizations like SuperKids Nutrition provide you with an even better learning experience
  • List of required materials
  • Information regarding organizations that have approved our program for continuing education credits/units
  • Detailed program breakdown
  • An online video demo of what the actual program content looks like
  • An overview of the content provided
  • and more


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