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Online Certificate Program:
The Esmonde Technique

Essentrics | Classical Stretch

The Online Esmonde Technique Instructor Training Program (Essentrics) is designed to teach fitness enthusiasts how to become professional fitness instructors using the Esmonde technique.  The Esmonde Technique is an innovative fitness program which has been used since 1999 by Olympic medalists, World Champions, professional ballet schools, International Super-models and A-listed Hollywood actors. In addition the Esmonde Technique has being aired in 70% of the national PBS network since 1999 under the name Classical Stretch. Through this Online Training program becoming an Esmonde Techniques Instructor is now available for fitness enthusiasts wishing to become a fitness instructor of this amazing workout.

The movements and sequences within the Essentrics program work scientifically through the muscle chains to unlock previously rigid muscles, allowing each student to experience greater range of motion and relief of pain and injuries, which results in a greater ability to properly condition their body.  The results seem instantaneous with a direct and positive effect on strength, energy, posture and aches and pains.  Your students' bodies will begin to change within their very first workout, which is highly motivating for everyone involved.






Certificate Structure: 

This program is comprised of 2 required core courses and 3 required elective courses:


2 Required Core Courses:
Course 1: Essentrics Apprentice Level Training
Course 2: Essentrics Instructor Level Training


3 Required Elective Courses:
Course 1: Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 1 (Anatomy and Kinesiology)
Course 2: Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 2 (Exercise Physiology)
Course 3: Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques




Certificate Format

  • You must begin with the ESSENTRICS Apprentice Level Course (course 1) before taking the ESSENTRICS Instructor Level course (course 2). The above elective courses can be taken at any time, and in any order, however it is highly recommended that you begin with Introduction to Exercise Science, Level I and Level II before completing the Health Risk Profiles course.
  • The entire program can be completed in as little as five months but you must complete the requirements within two-years. 
  • At the end of course 2 students will be fully certified ESSENTRICS (Esmonde Technique) instructors.  To receive the college certificate of completion, students must also complete the 3 required elective courses.
  • CLICK HERE for a list of required materials (Required Core Courses, estimate cost:  $600)
  • CLICK HERE for a list of required materials (Elective Courses, estimate cost:  $100)

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